Sudan Archaeology Week – the poster & a returning event

Today another week is coming to an end. A happy end, because we progressed with our academic duties, we await some great venues next week, and we will celebrate our eldest son’s fourth birthday tomorrow :-)

Of course there are still things pending, like the post from the very important last day in Johannesburg, but everything must await its right time. There must be a reason, and insha Allah the reason will prove to have been a good one ;-)

But for now, we’d like just to share the image of the poster that was designed and printed by Tord Rø at UiB Global. Thanks a lot Tord for this great work!


Also, allow us to show you the poster as it found its place on the board of announcements of the department of archaeology at UiB:

the poster among posters

Zoom in and see what is announced in the poster to the right of ours! I think there will be enough to talk about our “neighbor” during the three days of Sudan Archaeology next week.

Actually, we’d love to see a “Sudan Archaeology Week” being established as an annual thing here in Bergen! In fact, those who will be part of the next such set of venues have already received invitations! More in the future…

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