Packing up for Berlin…

The last days we had collected a couple of interesting links to share from here and the last addition to our list was a fine coincidence since it concerns two links from the webpage of the State Library in Berlin, where Alexandros will be traveling tomorrow.

The first couple of links regarded papers by colleagues working on the Meroitic period on Sai Island, but on topics that could very well be useful for the medieval centuries too:

1. “The textiles from the Meoritic necropoleis on Sai” (In French) by Elsa Yvanez.

2. “Intra- and inter-individual variation in δ 13 C and δ 1N in human dental calculus and comparison to bone collagen and apatite isotopes” by Vincent Francigny, Alex de Voogt, Jelmer Eerkens, Tosha Dupras, Samuel Rose, and Eric Bartelink.

Especially the latter discusses “the suitability of dental calculus for paleodietary reconstruction using stable isotope analysis” (quote from Abstract of the paper) and opens the path for similar research for later periods too.

Alex de Voogt’s work on game-boards has recently been hosted in Antiquity. While for fieldwork in Sudan, he investigated “Mancala at the pyramids of Meroe“, and not only he managed to add the game dimension to the most visited archaeological site of Sudan, but he also pinpointed the specific group of individuals who introduced this board-game on the landscape of the ancient stonework of the Meroitic capital. An academic paper that even makes fine reading! Thanks Alex!

And then, there came the news from Robin Seignobos about two Old Nubian manuscripts having become available online through the Berlin Staatsbibliothek: the Stavros Text and the so-called Griffith’s Lectionary! These are just two of the Nubian treasures in Berlin. Some more published will surely come online in due time, and as for the unpublished … well, more in the next entry…

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2 Responses to Packing up for Berlin…

  1. ounoginiri says:

    Thank you so much for the links ergamenis and specially for the “textiles”!!!!!!
    je te souhaite un tres beau sejour a Berlin et… a bientot, waiting as usual the treasures of your expeditions here!!!

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