Sudanological events after Neuchâtel

The 13th Conference for Nubian Studies has come to an end, but activities related to Nubian and Sudan Studies are still taking place and will attract our attention either through the Internet or in real life.

To start with, already tomorrow the Annual Symposium and AGM of the Sudan Studies Association of the United Kingdom will take place in London.

SSSUK Annual Symposium 2014

From the program we glean the talk by Gerasimos Makris and the film by Frédérique Cifuentes Morgan.


The work of Frédérique has already been presented here and will be again hosted at our blog very soon, while it is Alexandros’ wish that the Greek professor of Social Anthropology will visit Bergen for some seminar in the near future.

For the time being, another Greek professor is visiting us at the University of Bergen, in the frame of a collaboration with Eivind Seland who is leading the NERON (Networks in the Roman East) project, namely Vassilios Christides, President of the Institute for Greco-Oriental and African Studies (IGOAS) and editor of the journal Graeco-Arabica where important Nubiological contributions have been published in the past. In the frame of this visit, Eivind has organized a seminar titled Networks and Interaction in the Red Sea.

At least two presentations will be directly concerned with the Sudanese Red Sea or Nile cultures linked with the littoral:

1. Randi Haaland’s paper on the Meroitic Empire’s cultural influences and trade in an Indian Ocean perspective.

2. Alexandros’ talk on the relations between Christian Nubia and the Red Sea.

This will be the last activity in Bergen before the next trip abroad, this time to Berlin for the study of the leather manuscripts and book binding material from Sur. Some posts from that trip will surely come out so stay tuned!

On the return it would have been nice if one could stop in London on the 29th of September and follow the AGM of SARS and the Kirwan Memorial Lecture, this year delivered by Janice Yellin on Offerings for Eternity: Decoding the Language of Religious Art from the Royal Pyramids at Meroe and Elite Burials in Meroitic Nubia. However, this is impossible due to the duties at our base.

In compensation for not being able to report on Elite Meroitic Burials, at least we can offer hereby a link to an online paper by Michael Brass on Meroitic burials from Jebel Moya ( ) with some very interesting theoretical perspectives.

Different sort of perspectives on Nubia and Sudan were seen by our dear friend Dobrochna Zielinska in her trip from Switzerland to Italy. She wished to share them in our blog and we thank her for her new contribution! An excellent way to conclude this entry and wish you all a great weekend!

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  1. ounoginiri says:

    Thank you for all the interesting subjects we hear from you!!!
    shoukran gajilan!!!

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