Neuchâtel – day 1

After a long trip, we are now settled at the nice flat we rent at Neuchâtel, overlooking the beautiful lake. The purpose of this visit is no other than our participation in the 13th International Conference for Nubian Studies. The first day was dedicated to the registration of the participants and we received our badges, information about the town and its university, and the booklet with the abstracts of the presentations that will fill the week with the most interesting latest discoveries in the field of Nubian Studies. Matthieu Honegger, the organizer of the conference was at the reception of the registration tables and welcomed surely all participants with an equally warm smile like the one he offered to us. Thanking him for all he did up to this day, he rightly pointed out that now it was our turn to contribute to the success of the conference and we are certain that this is how thinks each one of the Nubiologists that made the effort to be here, and that we are all ready for as perfect academic performances as possible! We will be reporting from those hopefully daily, perhaps also with photos. For today, only three shots from the beautiful old city of Neuchâtel and around the Collegiate church of the castle that gave its name to the city (Neuchâtel = the New Castle).

View over the old city and the lake from the Castle

View over the old city and the lake from the Castle

The Collegiate Church

Greek inscription

Not only is the name of the city attested in Greek sources of the late Middle Ages, but also an inscription in Greek (a Christogram with the alpha-omega symbol) underlined the feeling of being welcome at Neuchâtel!

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