A conference, an exhibition, and a couple of books

Tonight ended in Johannesburg the 22nd Biennial Meeting of the Society for African Archaeologists, which was organized for the second time jointly with the 14th Congress of the Pan African Archaeological Association (see HERE for official web page).

Among more than 450 presentations, a dozen were related to Sudan Studies with the lion’s share going to the Meroitic period. Two of those presentations were by scholars coming from Bergen, namely by professor Randi Haaland and PhD candidate Maurice Mugabowagahunde. A couple more presentations relating with research in the Blombos cave and other similar sites of South Africa were prepared by groups where professor Henshilwood (UiB/AHKR) has a leading role.

In a very timely manner, the last days we have been reading parts of a new Oxford handbook, published last year and dedicated to African archaeology. Of interest to this blog, we retain three of the 70 chapters, the one by David Edwards on the Medieval and Post-Medieval States of the Nile Valley, the one by Intissar El Zein on The Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire in Northern and Northeastern Africa and the one by Derek Welsby on Kerma and Kush and their neighbors. The two first for obvious reasons, the latter because the second largest Kerma cemetery is on Sai Island.

Coincidentally, there appeared recently a post that also included the Kerma period on Sai in Julia Budka’s blog:

Little upstream from Sai the British Museum has been excavating the site of Amara since 2006 and today a book about Amara West, subtitled Living in Egyptian Nubia, was announced through Twitter that’s been sent to the printer: https://twitter.com/NealSpencer_BM/status/490144978832982016

As commented by Neal Spencer in that tweet, “Good start to weekend”!

Finally, looking towards things happening in the immediate future a venue undoubtedly stands out, a new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a Nubian focus, namely Gold and Gods; Jewels of Ancient Nubia. We will surely bring on more infos, but for the time being check the web announcement with the promise of a fine publication appearing in October:


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2 Responses to A conference, an exhibition, and a couple of books

  1. VaD says:

    Σ’εχασα απ’το φεισμπούκι,τό’κοψες ή μ’εκοψες; :) Καλημέρααα….

    • ergamenis says:

      As-sabah el kher ustaz VaD!
      Εγώ τόκοψα αλλά θα επανέλθω.
      Και σύντομα και με ένα ενδιαφέρον μέιλ.
      Καλό καλοκαίρι!

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