the corner table

Today I am posting a photo from my office at the Institute of Archaeology, History, Cultural and Religious Studies (AHKR) at the University of Bergen.


It shows the corner where two chairs and a small table are placed so as to welcome visitors for a coffee or tea, for moments of a more relaxed reading activity, or in order to be able to temporary store things out of the way.

As it is obvious form the picture, for the time being many carton boxes have been placed there. And they have a story to tell. Because they belong to Christian Bull, a friend and colleague who just defended with excellent results his doctoral dissertation on Hermetism. Following this, he will be moving to Oslo to work with Hugo Lundhaug for the ERC-project New Contexts for Old Texts: Unorthodox Texts and Monastic Manuscript Culture in Fourth- and Fifth-Century Egypt (NEWCONT) at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo. Bergen is losing one of its most brilliant and promising young scholars, and myself the best company both for reading Coptic – as we have been doing the last five years already! – and for going downtown afterwards for more ‘spirit’-ed discussions – oudjai Christian ;-)

So, it’s a honor to host Christian’s books until he finds a place to move them into at his new base.

Just as it is an honor to take up his duty the last years of teaching the introductory course in Coptic.

In order to move to more personal matters, allow me to post here the poster calling for this course, in case someone in Bergen sees it and joins from August the course to be taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08:00 to 10:00.


This post will not be complete before I explain that the office will be mine for four years, because I was hired as a post-doctoral researcher at AHKR for a project titled “Religious Literacy in Christian Nubia” in the frame of which my first duty beside my own research will be precisely to teach Coptic.

About other interesting stuff that will be happening here and from that office in the future, well…stay tuned!

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