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In a previous entry we referred to the blog by the Kutschera family, “A Family of the Past”. Today we want to refer to three more blogs dealing with the past of Sudan in three different manners.

First of all, there is the blog by Geoff Emberling, El Kuru: A Royal City of Ancient Kush. It followed the 2014 season of Emberling’s team from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan and their two partner institutions: one from the local university headed by prof. Abbas Sidahmed Zarroug and one from the University of Copenhagen directed by prof. Rachael Dann. Rich in documentation and with beautiful photographs accompanying the 32 entries, the El Kuru blog is one of the things we are already looking very much forward to following during its next season on the field, especially since interesting finds from the medieval period are being revealed!

Another field of Sudan archaeology is museums. The most important museum in Sudan is of course the National Museum (SNM). For many years, one of SNM’s most valuable supporters and collaborators is the British Museum (BM). The BM holds an international training program each summer for museum curators from various countries and there is a blog following the activities. Among the beneficiaries of the program has been Huda Magzoub from SNM. Huda has written many entries for that blog and the last one was dedicated to the celebrations at SNM for the International Day for Museums.

The last blog that we present today treats the Sudanese past in a manner that we very much like: as personal memories from places the author once visited or lived in. The blog is called ThusSudan, the author Mahmoud Abbaker Suleiman, and there is a special sub-page titled: “Cities and Towns in Memories“. Enjoy!

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