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With the title “Medieval Monastery Excavated in Sudan“, there appeared yesterday at a news entry about the recent discoveries of Obluski’s team at Ghazali. From the richness of the finds, two things attracted the attention of the hosts of the news: the discovery of a large sanitary complex consisting of a row of 15 toilets and the conservation of the plaster of the walls by a team led by the renown Polish restorer Cristobal Calaforra-Rzepka. One can complete the picture of the 2014 season at Ghazali by checking the thorough report posted at Obluski’s site

A funny detail: at the picture selected to accompany the text was one of Wislomira Nicieja, one of the restorers of the team. But we do not get to see the impressive sanitary complex for which one needs to go to Obluski’s site. Fair enough! Some photo topics are better than others for the wider public!

But at one of the most fascinating aspects is photography. Obluski offers to the visitors of his site one of the richest collections of photographs from a single site in Sudan ever put online. And he comments upon his policy of copyright in his own unique way! We quote the disclosure from the main page:

No portion of this domain may be reproduced in any form,

or by any means,

without prior written permission from the author.

But I will gladly give it,

just want to know how the information on Nubia spreads out.

And that’s what we are doing online: spreading the word about Nubia as best as we can, and photography helps a lot in this respect. So, even if you are not an archaeologist, do check out all the pages for the quality of the photographs at least! Our favorite ones are the aerial photos where one can appreciate the importance of the monument against the background of the unique landscape of Wadi Ghazali…

So, we close today’s entry with three of our own photographs from the various trips we have had the chance to make at this fantastic place…

View of monastery from the cemetery to the south of the enclosure

A window at a monk’s cell

Sunset at Wadi Ghazali

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