A new Nubiological webpage

Just today we received the great news that our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Artur Obluski from Warsaw, affiliated with the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, launched a long-awaited web page titled http://www.nubianmonasteries.pl/

artur obluski @ ghazali church

The importance of the exploit in the frame of Nubian Studies is major. We will follow it closely and comment regularly on its form and content.

But go on, take a look at what Artur and his colleagues produced! And come back and check out with us what a wonderful tool he provided to the Medieval Sai Project also, a tool with which we can discourse about important academic issues and their promotion online, adding as we go fine shots of Nubia’s past and present (and future?).

ghazali monastery

By the way, the photos from Ghazali that http://www.nubianmonasteries.pl/ offers us are simply wonderful!

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5 Responses to A new Nubiological webpage

  1. dianabuja says:

    Great – and I am now linking into his blog. Thanks.

  2. ergamenis says:

    Thanks go to you – also on Artur’s behalf :-)

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