A view on Bergen from Athens – and a radio interview!

Two days after Irini’s return to Greece, it was the entire Hafsaas-Tsakos clan that had to get prepared for a trip to fatherland Hellas.

Before moving ahead with reports from Attica, where we will be based for six weeks, we wanted to share with you two things:

First, three photos from Bergen made by Irini during her walks in the historical center of Bergen last week and retouched by her husband, Miltos Pantelias, whose art we would also love to present in Norway at some point in the future – insha Allah…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And second, the URL to an interview that Alexandros gave (in Norwegian) to u-dann.net a couple of weeks ago: http://u-dan.net/udannet/2014/3/18/en-oy-i-nilen-gjest-alexandros-tsakos

Takk takk Knut Melvær!

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15 Responses to A view on Bergen from Athens – and a radio interview!

  1. dianabuja says:

    really nice pix and regrets I can-t read Bergen scripts…

    • ergamenis says:

      Thank you on behalf of Miltos!

      What do you mean with “Bergen scripts”, though??

      • dianabuja says:

        Oh, well, should have said *languages of Norway* An old friend and colleague has been an arabic prof at the university in Bergen for several decades. Brillian fellow who seems not to mind the cold.

      • ergamenis says:

        Is it Hermann Bell you are talking about!?!

      • dianabuja says:

        Yes tho we/ve not been in contact for ages. Very bright fellow. Used to stay at my apt in Cairo, which was a place where colleagues would spend time coming and/or going, and I generally was in Upper Egypt at the time. The apt was part of a 19th century town house of about 4 stories and with wonderful interior fixtures, really suited for lots of folks.

      • ergamenis says:

        You should make a blog post on the stories from this apt!!! Thanks again :-)

      • dianabuja says:

        Oh, now there/s a good idea. Haha. Lots of good stories, like the day I came back from being upcountry and discovered the supplies for an entire year/s dig to be sent to Upper Egypt, for a canadian university. And also some of their archaeologists, spread about. Great fun.

      • ergamenis says:

        So, looking very much forward to reading more in a post! And then I promise to write about the time that I was hosting a German mission at the Greek community premises in Khartoum :-D

      • dianabuja says:

        Great. Will do. more anon.

  2. dianabuja says:

    Oh, you are talking about Joe Bell I think…

  3. dianabuja says:

    Or maybe you/re talking about Joe/s brother who has done outstanding work on ancient languages in the Sudan.

  4. ounoginiri says:

    Takk Takk Alexandros!!!!!

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