Aurora’s Magic in Arabic Script

On Monday, Irini Gonou (known to our readers from HERE) is coming to Bergen invited by the Organization for Greek-Norwegian cooperation in the fields of culture and humanities and the Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Bergen. The collaboration is based on an idea of Alexandros that Irini would be the most appropriate opening for the mobility programme Aurora that will bring in 2014 the University of Paris and the University of Bergen closer over the topic of the African Archive: its content, context and connections. Because Irini will bring with her to Bergen the great work she is doing on the use of the Arabic (but not only) script for apotropaic and prophylactic purposes. She will be hosted at the Resource Center for International Development for three days and in the frame of her visit she will also offer to all interested participants a seminary on Arabic calligraphy that has already been very successfully hosted three times at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Athens under the title “Writings of the Mediterranean”.


More from the opening and the seminar next week!

Looking forward to welcoming many friends, colleagues and amateurs of art and scripture at the opening after tomorrow!

Ahlan oua sahlan!

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