It all took place in Baltimore…

Fourth entry in a row and this is because we wanted to refer to the crazily busy academic weekend that just ended in Baltimore. At least four Annual Meetings of interest to us took place there:

1. The African Studies’ Association where our colleague at SMI/AHKR/UiB, Anne Bang participated.

2. The Society of Biblical Literature where our colleague at the Department of Religion/AHKR/UiB, Christian Bull participated.

3. The Americal Schools of Oriental Research where in fact Alexandros is co-author to one of the four Nubiological papers presented. In more detail, the panel on “The Southern Frontiers (Egypt and Nubia)”, which belonged to the group of sessions under the title “Islamic Frontiers and Borders in the Near East and the Mediterranean” consisted of the following papers:

a. Giovanni Ruffini, The Medieval-Egyptian Nubian Frontier: Textual and Archaeological Evidence

b. Artur Obluski, An Islamic Frontier? Nubian-Egyptian Relations in the Middle Ages

c. Jana Eger, New Light on the Western Frontiers of Medieval Nubia

d. Bruce Williams & Alexandros Tsakos, Serra East and the 12th Century Nubian Frontier

Well, we heard that all papers were well received and that the panel will hopefully be published and we’ll keep you posted about that too…

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3 Responses to It all took place in Baltimore…

  1. Dr. Obluski will be speaking in Toronto on the 26th of November (tomorrow) “The Lost Treasures of Medieval Nubia: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in the Sudan”

    • ergamenis says:

      We wish the best of success for Artur’s talk!!
      You are more than welcome to post further comments or photos from the venue, a summary of his talk or the entire text!
      All the best from the other side of the Atlantic!

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