An unnoticed (?) change in a seat of authority in Khartoum

This time it was through facebook that news came to us…

It was through this medium that we heard from our friends in Khartoum that the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Sudan has quitted from his post…

The way things are presented in the description at the portal of church news,, a report written by Elisabeth Gabrielides, which includes the speeches of the presidents of both the Greek community and the Hellenic Athletic Club, allows some room for speculation about the conflicts that have been taking place the last years there. Irrespectively of these conflicts, though, it remains a fact, as can be seen from the photos posted in the same page, that at least for an evening the withdrawal of Emmanuel brought together quite a lot of the members of the Greek community that is becoming smaller and smaller as years go by…

But what will the future bring?

From the Patriarchate, the decision has already been made. In fact, voted. The new Archbishop will be Narkissos, born in Amman of Jordan under the name of Samer Gammoh. More on him will surely appear soon in the webpages of the Patriarchate in Alexandria, but it can already be noted that he is the first not-Greek archbishop of Khartoum and Sudan. Perhaps this can help in the new circumstances for the Greek Community there?

In any case, the most crucial dimension of the change caused by Emmanuel’s withdrawal is that it is a sign of times of disintegration.

Lakin Allah fi…

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One Response to An unnoticed (?) change in a seat of authority in Khartoum

  1. ergamenis says:

    And here are some first news from the Archbishopric in Khartoum, with eloquent images and faces of cherished persons:

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