A weekend full of academic meetings

Last weekend, three different academic meetings took place and we would have liked to have been able to attend all of them. These meetings were:

1. In Bergen, the Phanes seminary with the title “Religious overachievers in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages” brought together colleagues from Norway, Greece and Denmark who read on Saturday the pseudo-Pythagorian Carmina Aurea and on Sunday the Ad Monachos by Evagrius Ponticus. Beyond the pleasure of reading interesting texts in such good company, the similarities of the two works created a fruitful platform for discussing the main topic of the seminary, as well as others beyond that, while their differences pinpointed the significance of time and space for the understanding of the meaning of the term “religious overachievers” or “religious overachievement”. This discussion was broadened and deepened on Monday when six of the participants gave various perspectives on the topic, both empirical and analytical. Here is the program:

phanes 2013

An interesting detail is that Håkon Teigen made his first public presentation at UiB as Ph.D. candidate of the project NERONE run by Eivind Seland. Phanes is indeed proud of that!

2. In Oslo, the 8th Annual General Meeting of the Norwegian Egyptological Society discussed both administrative and academic matters.

Here you can see the program of the venue:

NES 2013

The two most interesting administrative news are that Reinert Skumnes was re-elected president for two years, while Jane Skjoldli and Henrik Trokveen remained as editors of Ostrakon. The always friendly atmosphere of the gatherings of the Norwegian Egyptological Society produced this time also very fruitful discussions, as our colleague Pål Steiner reported.

3. In Norwich, the African Archaeological Research Days of 2013 brought together more than 100 participants who presented papers dealing with Benin, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, the Western Sahara as well as the Sahara as a whole, and of course Sudan! News from the venue will eventually appear in Anne Haour’s blog, from where we will also ‘steal’ further details pertaining to our topics of interest and present them from here.


Alexandros was one of the organizers of the Phanes seminary, so there was no way we could attend the other two meetings, despite the kind invitations of the organizers in both cases. But next year we might be luckier in that not all these events fall on the same weekend ;-)

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