Descending North – the opening

The stressful period of preparing the actual display of an exhibition long planned comes eventually at the happy moment when it is ready and only wait for the visitors to the opening!!!


Almost ready

Although other preparations are still going on behind the scene.


Now, in the case of the exhibition “Descending North” at Hordamuseet, the venue was deemed successful for three very simple reasons:

First, because there were more than 60 persons who attended the event, a very satisfactory number indeed!

the venue 1


Second, because the opening consisted of five very nicely arranged parts: a heartily welcome by the director of Bymuseet, namely Per Øyvind Riise ; followed by a Norwegian music piece on the flute performed by Marianne Hafsaas; then by a poetic intervention of the deputy director of the Organization for Greek-Norwegian cooperation, Henriette Hafsaas-Tsakos who read the poem Ithaca by Cavafy, thus highlighting the lyric dimension of the work of Yannis; then another piece on the flute by Marianne, this time a Greek composition by Mikis Theodorakis; and in conclusion the friendly thank you by Yannis for the setting up of the venue and the showing up of so many people.


And last but not least, because the outcome was the result of the cooperation between two gifted persons, namely Yannis Skoulas and Rune Kvam. The Greek photographer and the Norwegian curator prepared a venue that hopefully will attract the attention of both the public and the media in the two and half months that the exhibition will stay at Stend.

rune & eva

In the end, it is always good to relax after a successful opening.

After the opening

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6 Responses to Descending North – the opening

  1. Arthur Eidsaunet says:

    Thanks for bringing all these beautiful photos and lyrics to Norway.

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