Yannis Skoulas has “descended north”

Today, the Greek photographer Yannis Skoulas finally arrived in Bergen after being delayed for a day on his journey from Athens.

He is now staying in the picturesque Ambrosia house, the home of Ambrosia Theodora Tønnesen (1859-1948) – the first professional sculptress in Norway.

Jannis and Ambrosia house

The Ambrosia house is part of the outdoor exhibition at Hordamuseet, the venue of Yannis’ exhibition Descending North or En sydlig tur mot nord in Norwegian.

The exhibition has arrived from Greece to Norway through funding by the Organization for Greek-Norwegian Cooperation in Culture and Humanities, which was founded by the writers of this blog. We chose to support Yannis’ efforts to bring the exhibition to Norway, as the photos were taken in Greece and Norway, while his attached texts describe in lyrical terms a journey between south and north, or north and south. This is thus an exhibition that shows the similarities between Norway and Greece, although the two countries are on opposite sides of Europe and with very different social realities right now.


Yannis immediately started working to set up the exhibition together with Rune Kvam from the Hordamuseet.

Rune was painting the walls in a brighter colour in order to give the images a fitting frame, while Yannis unpacked the photos.

Rune Kvam painting Yannis Skoulas

We are looking forward to seeing the whole exhibition with pictures and text ready for the opening on Sunday at 1 pm and hope that many people will be with us.


While visiting Hordamuseet today, we were surprised by the information and patterns that we found in another temporary exhibition there. But more on that next week.


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2 Responses to Yannis Skoulas has “descended north”

  1. ounoginiri says:

    Kali epityxia Yianni!!!!!

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