Two exhibitions in Bergen

This week is very exciting!

While we have started the final countdown to the opening on Sunday of the exhibition “Descending North” by Yannis Skoulas…

descending north

…a very nice surprise awaited us today at the University!

Issraa El-Kogali, a Sudanese artist who works with film, photography, mixed media installation art, writing, spoken word and jewelry design, and who sees the diversity of the Sudanese people as a continuing source of inspiration for her creative endeavors, opened  her exhibition titled “Nora’s Cloth” at the Resource Center.

Nora's Cloth at CMI Bergen

The exhibition is an Ibsen Scholarship awarded art installation project. Through videos, mock street-fashion, self portraits, and silk-screen prints an identity is expressed. As Issraa put it during the opening today, she could not find her own image in any of the innumerable pictures representing the Sudanese woman – somehow she realized the paradox that the picture of the urban educated woman from Khartoum has been absent from the media! Join her between 09:00 and 15:00 this week at the Resource Center in Bergen or visit her webpage and get introduced by her in her world of images and ideas!

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