Nubian Letters 17

Well, that was it… Norway moved towards the right-wing in politics and the hopes for a larger fragmentation of the left and center forces in order to create a stronger opposition supporting environment, human rights, immigrants, labour, and international role were lost already from very early after the first results came out last night around 21:00. It is difficult to say what one can expect in the future…

As the leader of the Socialist-Leftist party (SV) said: “Tough opposition”?

As the Green Party (MDG) wishes: “A voice (one single voice mind you…) to gain respect for the environment for the sake of the future generations”?

As the Center Party claims (Sp): “A stabilization of Norwegian morals”?

As the Christian People’s party (KrF) repeats: “A key-role for the parties of the center”?

As the Left party (V) promises: “We invest in better schools”?

Well, yes, let’s hope for better investments in education and research; and for the voicing of the traditional Norwegian values represented by the parties of the center so that Norway preserves its unique character; and for the fight for a greener future; and then, yes, for a tough fight indeed…

Because we fear that the parties that will rule from next month the richest country of the world will stand for increasing investment in oil, privatizations, social dumping, development through building, restrictions of immigration movements, aggressive international agendas, popularism…

Now more than ever, it is important to keep up the efforts for a better future; because if we don’t the only viable alternative model of social organization might soon be only a remnant in some digital archives recollecting the history of the Scandinavian model…

Despite all that, we will keep up with our own digital archive here. Dear readers, please click below for the pdf of volume 17 of Nubian Letters:

Nubian Letters 17

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