Nubian Letters 7

Beyond the permanent places on the Net, where topics of interest for Nubia and the Sudan are treated, there appear occasionally news from archaeological discoveries or groundbreaking results from academic research. One that appeared this weekend and combines both archaeology and research is the announcement relating the latest discoveries from a project directed by our Polish friend and colleague Artur Obluski at the Christian monastic site of Ghazali in the Bayuda desert, between the Makuritan capital of Old Dongola and the Fourth Cataract region. It is nice to close the itinerary of this week through online resources about Nubia and Sudan with a link to a report about a project on such an important site of Christian Nubia, while at the same time close our activities in the month of August with a reference to the church of Ghazali that has decorated our calendar page for the last 31 days. Tomorrow, a photo of an almost unknown Nubian church will appear on that page, along with a new issue of Nubian Letters. But now please, be our guests and enjoy the 7th volume:

Nubian Letters 7

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