Nubian Letters

The previous entry concluded with a last call for supporting the Deir al-Surian conservation project. Since yesterday, the project achieved its goal and the first 20,000 $ have been assembled, now it is time to get ready to face the new reality for fieldwork in Egypt…

But the leader of the group is not a new-comer in the field, and he will surely manage to navigate through the obstacles of society and state, so as to support the local Coptic community in preserving and promoting the heritage of the monastery of the “Syrians”.

This man is Karel Innemée who has been one of the first scholars to attempt the implementation of an idea of a Corpus of Wall Paintings from Christian Nubia; a project that later on was initiated by Alexandros and Dobrochna Zielinska (see HERE).

Karel was also one of the two editors of a bulletin about Nubian studies, titled Nubian Letters. With his permission, we start putting online the 22 volumes that came out between 1983 and 1994.

Stay tuned for we will be publishing a volume a day! So, let’s start with volume 1 from August 1983:

Nubian Letters 1

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