Nubian Antiquities at the Museum of Archaeology at the University of Stavanger – the objects

This post is written from our base in Bergen.

The trip to Stavanger had to be short, because other things and persons are awaiting for us back home; but the outcome was as good as we expected!

We found the objects themselves that are the first candidates to be included in the the display of the exhibition we are planning to set up in Bergen…

at the storeroom of AmS

…and with the help of the small collection of Egyptological/Nubiological/Africanological books of the library of the AmS, where the series of SJE publications are of course included, we identified a peculiarity in the collection of Nubian pottery at Stavanger.

Sudan books @ AmS

The vast majority of the finds come from cemetery sites; naturally of the post-Meroitic and the Early Medieval periods, since the Christian burial customs did not include the deposition of vessels to accompany the deceased in the afterlife. The only later finds – that is from the Classic and Late phases of Christian Nubia – come from two sites that are settlements and not cemeteries. This detail is not mentioned in the short comment by W.Y. Adams on the Stavanger pottery published in volume 6 of the SJE series; and the SJE publication of the Late Nubian Sites that was published before the one on the Late Nubian Cemeteries does not mention where the respective finds are kept!

So, given the absence of entries for these objects in the registers of the Sudan National Museum, we are now even more than before looking forward to the continuation of the adventure of this exhibition in Uppsala, where both the finds might be hosted and the original documentation of the fieldwork should still be kept.

Until then, we would like to conclude this group of entries by thanking our hosts at Stavanger, as well as UiB Global at the University of Bergen for the financial support that was needed in order to make this trip.

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