Videos from Sai

The last entry created a sort of nostalgia for Sai Island. Images do better than words to describe such feelings while they also recomfort by offering the illusion of a direct contact with the object of the nostalgic sentiment. So, here follow three videos from Sai Island, two from YouTube and one from our collection.

The first one was made by Rafael Cubí who has uploaded an interesting set of videos from a recent trip to Sudan. In the one embedded here, note sign-posts that the Greek-Norwegian Archaeological Mission put up on the island:

The second video was made by Mary Simmonds and proves the fame of Sai Island regarding the Nile crocodiles:

Finally, a video made by Henriette during the 2009 season. It is from the top of Jebel Adou and shows the view of the eastern half of the island from south to north:

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2 Responses to Videos from Sai

  1. dianabuja says:

    Can’t watch videos on current computer – but my new computer and its ‘trimmings’ should be up in a couple of days, and will watch then! :-)

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