Online Sources and Resources

Upon returning to Bergen, it was not only loads of work that were waiting for me…

Michael Zach, professor of Afrikanistik at the University of Vienna, had sent us the newly printed eleventh volume of Beirtäge zur Sudanforschung, where we happily saw an image of the cathedral site of Sai Island on the front page.

BzS 11 cover page

We copy hereby the contents of this volume:

BzS 11 contents

As you can see, BzS 11 includes the report from our second season on Sai that although it took so long to see published, at least it is now out and available not only in this printed form, but also through the pages of both Henriette and Alexandros at

Publishing online and on free access platforms are crucial matters in nowadays academic discussions, not least because a very large percentage of investment for university projects goes to the digitalization of archives, libraries etc.

The most famous venue for publications available online is the blog by Charles Jones, The Ancient World Online, abbreviated as AWOL. There, one can find a constantly updated list of links to open access publications on Nubia and Sudan. The latest among those links concerned the long-awaited digital version of the Fontes Historiae Nubiorum, the textual resources on Ancient Nubia compiled by Tomas Hägg, Tormod Eide, Richard Holton Pierce and Laszlo Török. The three volumes and the index were published in Bergen, from where also came the digital version.

It is important to remind that the archives of both Hägg and Pierce are still in Bergen and await the formation of projects that will see to their preservation for the future in both material and digital form. The same goes for the vast collection of Arabic manuscripts from Sudan that when organized, catalogued and digitalized would surely make Bergen the largest depository of such documents in the world…

These matters brought me back to where I started: some hours remain to conclude the first weekend back home, before returning to my work on the archives of the Institute of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion at the University of Bergen…

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3 Responses to Online Sources and Resources

  1. ergamenis says:

    We saw in Azhari’s facebook page that he also posted his paper in

  2. azharisadig says:

    Although we are always being very happy when we actually hold the beautiful shiny volumes comprising our articles and thoughts in our hands, I felt so happy when I saw the cover of the eleventh volume of Beirtäge zur Sudanforschung posted by Alex . I am still waiting for my printed copy, but it simply is an amazing content selected by an experienced mind in Sudanese Archaeology, and presenting top-quality edited papers, Prof. Michael Zach. Thanks Alex for giving us a unique insight of what we are waiting for, hope to hold the printed copy soon.
    A link of my paper is posted above……

  3. ergamenis says:

    We thank you for the comment Azhari!
    It is really a great job that Michael is doing from Vienna!

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