A special cross decoration in Cairo

During my trip to Cairo in November, I had noticed and shared through the blog the sign of the Cairo metro. The reason was that it reminded me of a tilted way of depicting the eight-leaved cross that appears on one of the columns of Sai Island. My friend, Flora, who lives in Cairo and welcomes me at her place during my last visits here, sent me in various occasions examples of both types of this cross decoration, that indeed one can see all through Cairo in so many different instances and uses. So, during my current visit to the Egyptian capital, I could not refrain from photographing some of the most characteristic examples I found, and which I present hereby in my own understanding of their chronological sequence, starting from the most recent – in the Cairo metro itself – and moving back in time until the most ancient example I know of, exhibited in the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo…

At al Shohadaa metro station

The entrance to the early 20th century Cinema Heliopolis

A late Ottoman house in Heliopolis

An Ottoman reliquary (17th century?) in the Coptic Museum

Painted Panel from a dado in the Monastery of St. Apollo at Bawit (6th century) exhibited in the Coptic Museum

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