Greek Norwegian Frontiers

The first week in Norway after the trip to the Nile has been completed and, although there has been progress with all procedures that the new project demands, the focus of the attention – outside the daily job duties – was the coming Annual General Meeting of the Organization for Greek-Norwegian cooperation in the fields of culture and humanities.

The most important aim for 2013 is to bring to Norway the exhibition “En Sydlig Tur Mot Nord” prepared by Yannis Skoulas, a dear friend, professional photographer, about whom we have already written in various occasions. And it is a fine introduction to the discussions of next week, to present hereby some material from his last work, titled “Border Stations in the heart of Greece (1881, 1897, 1912)”.

invitation to venue

The importance of this new work by Yannis is that this is the first systematic recording of the border stations when Greece and the Ottoman Empire had frontiers south of nowadays Greek Macedonia, along a line crossing through or right north from Thessaly and Epirus. The recording was achieved with the scientific support of Leonidas Kallivretakis, Director of Research in the (Greek) National Foundation for Research, and of topographer Eleni Gadolou, Ph.D. candidate of Harokopeion University, Athens. Yannis is of course sole responsible not only for the idea but also – and perhaps mainly – for the beauty of the images themselves, in a manner that only Skoulas knows how to produce.

Sideropalouko 1881 & 1897

Two more days will the venue be open, so there is enough time for our readers in Athens to grasp the opportunity to enjoy such an important event both for the arts and for the sciences.

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  2. Joan says:

    Very interesting read!!

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