Stories on Psiloritis

In one of the most user-friendly archaeological websites we have seen, the one dedicated to the works at Zominthos on Psiloritis, the tallest mountain on Crete, there is available a very interesting video with the words of the director of fieldwork at the site, late Yannis Sakelarakis. Yannis Sakelarakis is one of the persons appearing in the Greek documentary “On the Summit” produced by Elissaver Laloudaki and Massimo Pizzocaro and therefore we thought that a reference to the Zominthos site would make a fine introduction with an archaeological perspective to today’s entry, which is dedicated to the film séance that was hosted last night at the University of Bergen café Ad Fontes; an event organized by the Foreningen for gresk-norsk samarbeid innenfor kultur og humaniora.

Before announcing the film and promoting the event, we had naturally contacted the creators and asked for permission, allowing also ourselves the honor of obtaining a comment from them for the first appearance of their film in Norway. Here is what they shared with us (they sent us the Greek text and Alexandros prepared the English translation):

Οι ταινίες είναι σαν τα παιδιά. Τα τυχερά παιδιά, αυτά που γεννιούνται από έρωτα τρελό. Οι γονείς τους δεν είναι τίποτα ανέμελοι τύποι, όπως κάποιοι μπορεί να φαντάζονται, τα έχουν ονειρευτεί καιρό πριν τα φέρουν στον κόσμο. Τα μεγαλώνουν όπως μπορούν καλύτερα, με χάδια και γλυκόλογα, με αυστηρότητα και πυγμή. Κάθονται με τις ώρες και τα θαυμάζουν, στενοχωριούνται με τις αδυναμίες τους, κάτι διορθώνουν από εδώ, κάτι δικαιολογούν από εκεί. Και τα παιδιά μεγαλώνουν, όπως όλα τα παιδιά. Και κάποια στιγμή φεύγουν από το σπίτι.

Το δικό μας παιδί, το πρωτότοκο, ετοιμάζεται να ταξιδέψει στη μακρινή Νορβηγία. Βορράς. Αρκτικός κύκλος. Λευκές Νύχτες. Sagas. Φιορντ. Βίκιγκς. Ίψεν. Άλλος κόσμος. Κι αυτό είναι πολύ μεσόγειος τύπος, μιλάει δυνατά, τραγουδάει, του αρέσουν τα παραμύθια, δεν παίρνει τίποτα στα σοβαρά, μπλέκει τον Δία με τον Χριστό, είναι έξω καρδιά. Είναι αλήθεια ότι ανησυχούμε λίγο, έχει ελληνικό διαβατήριο και το κλίμα στην Ευρώπη δεν είναι καλό. Αλλά έτσι είναι με τα παιδιά. Πρέπει να τους έχεις εμπιστοσύνη. Ιδίως αν τους αρέσουν τα ψηλά βουνά και οι ανοιχτοί ορίζοντες

Ελισάβετ Λαλουδάκη – Massimo Pizzocaro


Films are like children. The lucky children; the ones that are the outcome of passionate love. Their parents are no nonchalant types of persons, like some would think. They have rather dreamt of these children of theirs much earlier than when they eventually brought them to the world. They help them grow up as well as they can, with cuddling and sweet words, with discipline and force. They spend hours admiring them, they get saddened by their weaknesses, they correct something here, they excuse something there. And the children grow up, like all children. And at some point they leave home.

Our own child, our first one, is ready to travel to Norway. To the North; the polar circle, the white nights, sagas, fjords, vikings; Ibsen. A different world. And our child is such a mediterranean type of person: speaks loud, sings, likes fairy tales, takes nothing for serious, mingles Zeus and Jesus, loves to have fun. It is true that we are  a bit worried; our child has a Greek passport and the climate in Europe is not favorable. But that’s how children are. You must trust them. Especially if they like the tall mountains and the open horizons.

Elissavet Laloudaki – Massimo Pizzocaro

Unfortunately, the event did not attract a large audience, but the ones who were there were very pleased by the film-experience offered and had a lot to discuss afterwards about their own experiences from traveling to Greece, their wish to learn more about this country on the other end of the European continent and to reach also themselves the top of Crete on a 14th of September; the date of the veneration of the Holy Cross to which also the chapel On the Summit of Psiloritis is dedicated and which was the date yesterday, upon which we presented Elissavet’s and Massimo’s film in Bergen!!! And of course, the lucky ones who were there last night wished for more events in Norway by the Organization for Greek-Norwegian cooperation in the fields of culture and humanities. Therefore, sooner than later you will hear more from here about the next venues in Bergen…

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