Sir Flinders Petrie

Yesterday, the Norwegian Egyptological Society, based in Bergen, started its activities for the new academic year by showing a very important Egyptological production by BBC: “The man who discovered Egypt”, dedicated to the life and works of Sir Flinders PetrieHERE you can see some clips from the film.

Sir Flinders Petrie has been an important figure for Sudan archaeology too. Perhaps not so much for his work in Sudan itself, but mainly for a very important donation that the Trustees of the Flinders Petrie trust Library made to the Antiquities Service of the Sudan government in 1946: 1430 volumes that “formed the working library of the Donor” (quote from the original document of the donation that is located in a shelf of the main storeroom of the Sudan National Museum) and that subsequently became the main library of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums.

One more challenging task for the new Director General of N.C.A.M. is of course to rehabilitate this collection and integrate it into a well-functioning and useful for both local and foreign researchers library – insha Allah…

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