Festive News from NCAM on the Eid al Fitr 2012

Darkness has started falling again over the western coast of Norway and the sunsets of the last week after days with brightness and sun have been exquisite.

The numerous Muslims of the country must feel more “natural” somehow, since the presence of night underlines more clearly the break-fast hours during the holy month of Ramadan. Especially last night, the sunset and the day following are very important since the holy month came to an end and Eid al Fitr can be celebrated in all its glory.

The celebrations will last for three days and then the period of preparation for the hajj will start. There are not many that manage to make the trip every year; and there are many who never do it at all. Even those who wish and have the money, some times cannot afford to “escape” from the daily rhythm of their work and social duties. But in the local communities, be they urban or rural, the celebrations of the Eid are very lively and we can only remember with a sort of nostalgia such moments shared with our friends and colleagues in Sudan.

It is also only with our mind that we can picture the festive atmosphere that must have been prevalent these days at the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums in Khartoum, since the favorite among the senior staff of the institution, the previous director of the Sudan National Museum, Dr. Abdel Rahman Ali, assumed officially this week, as we heard form the International Society for Nubian Studies, his duties as Director General of N.C.A.M.

Mashallah, dear Abdel Rahman :-)

Of course Abdel Rahman starts his career in his new post with difficult work ahead, given the Sudan Dams’ Crisis, but we are sure that his character and morality will help all sides to come out as winners.

On the other hand, he is also at the lucky position that so many people and institutions are interested nowadays in Sudan’s archaeology and history, both on the field and in their academic research.

As two examples of the far-reaching influence of Sudan and Nubian Studies, we can mention the lecture that took place today at the University College of London by Aidan Dodson (titled “The Land of Kush”), in the frame of the Ancient World Tours conference, and a new web side dedicated to a very special project with the eloquent name “Nubian Archaeological Project“.

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