Sudan Studies in the Journal of Oriental and African Studies

This weekend we received two new books for reviewing in the Journal of Oriental and African Studies.

We have contributed with a couple of book reviews to past volumes of this peer-reviewed periodical publication from Athens, Greece, and Henriette is already preparing the book review for The Speed of Change, edited by Jan-Bart Gewald, Sabine Luning and Klaas van Walraven (2009). The book consists of a series of articles relating to the relationship between people and motor vehicles in Africa between 1890 and 2000. One of these articles concerns the modifications of trucks in Sudan and is written by the famous German anthropologist (who has also worked extensively on the Manasir tribe) Kurt Beck.

The editor in chief of JOAS, professor Athanasios Photopoulos, has in fact written in the 13th volume of the journal (2004) one of the very few works that we know of on the Greek presence in Sudan in the 19th century.

The other two publications in JOAS related to Sudan- and Nubian Studies are:

Vol. 2 (1990), Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess: L’apport ethnographique, géographique et historique des voyages apostoliques de Julianus et de Longinus dans la Haut-Nil au VIe siècle.

Vol. 14 (2005), Benjamin Hendrickx: The Nubian and Blemmyan rulers and their States: Lexicon of Terms used in their Greek royal, legal and socio-political inscriptions, graffiti and papyri (1st century A.D. – ca 1323 A.D.).

Moreover, we have prepared a Nubian Studies’ related book review, namely of László Török’s, Between Two Worlds. The Frontier Region between Ancient Nubia and Egypt, 3700 BC – AD 500, in Schenkel W., A. Loprieno & J.F. Quack (eds.), Probleme der Ägyptologie 29. Band, Leiden-Boston: Brill 2009, xxi & 651 pages, in the 19th volume of JOAS (2011).

In the coming volume, Alexandros’ book review on Kim Seacy’s “The Formation of the Sudanese Mahdist State. Ceremony and Symbols of Authority: 1882-1898” (Brill 2011) will add one more entry to this list.

The other book we received is “The Politics of Ethnicity in Ethiopia. Actors, Power and Mobilisation under Ethnic Federalism” (Brill 2011) by Lovise Aalen and it will be reviewed by both Henriette and Alexandros.

Interestingly, both publications have something to do with Bergen: Lovise Aalen is senior researcher in the Christian Michaelsen’s Institute in Bergen; while the work by Seacy is hosted in the Brill series titled “Islam in Africa” that is edited by John Hunwick, Rüdiger Seesemann and Knut Vikør. Vikør is Professor of the History of the Middle East and Muslim Africa.

From Bergen to Greece and with the focus always on Sudan, we wish to conclude today with the announcement of a long-standing dream that we share with professor Photopoulos, namely to organize in Greece a Sudan Studies conference, where the diachronic contacts between the Middle Nile Valley and the Hellenic world will be examined by scholars from all around the world.

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