28th of May

Every exhibition comes in fact to an end only after the display is dismantled.

This morning we went through this process, which must always bring acutely contradictory feelings: on the one hand, a kind of sadness, since the dynamic process of hosting guests to the exhibition is over; but on the other hand, a sort of satisfaction that the exposure of the inner self of the persons behind the camera is completed without damages and complaints, but only with fine memories of a dream world as was created by the images – an imaginary world. In the case of our exhibition “From Nubia to Sudan” hosted at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, the imaginary little Nubian world at the long narrow street of the old town of Rethymno will hopefully live on somehow: our hosts at the Institute accepted our gift of a group of photographs from the display that more than 500 people enjoyed the last ten days.

This is perhaps why the nostalgic overtones of this entry: etymologically the word comes from the term “nostos” which means the “return”; and every departure carries the expectation of a return…

Departing from Rethymno, though meant also a salutation of people and places that had become our neighborhood since the 13th of May. First and foremost, our hotel at Archipelagos

…so nicely situated by one of the finest places for swimming inside the town of Rethymno…

…and with one of the finest views we know of…

…irrespectively of weather conditions…

…although our favorite one is undoubtedly the one that we will post tomorrow and thereby bring to an end our daily blogging that lasted exactly a month!

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