22nd of May

The main event of the day at the IMS was the lecture of the Greek professor, Alexandros Koutsis, on the “Arab Spring and the New Order in the Middle East”.

The lecture took place in the frame of the photo exhibition “From Nubia to Sudan” and professor Koutsis seemed a fitting choice for the venue, given the fact that the Greek professor was born in Sudan! His lecture attracted many people and surely brought further attention to our exhibition.

Moreover, and in a more familiar “revolutionary” atmosphere, we would like to inform about the latest developments of the issue of the dams, which is so central for our exhibition. After the meeting at the British Museum on the 15th of May, perhaps a “new order” is arising for the Middle Nile Valley too. HERE can be found a report from that meeting, as it was compiled on the basis of testimonies from colleagues who were present in London last week.

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