21st of May

Today the Greek Orthodox Church is celebrating the memory of Saints Constantine and Helene, the first Emperor of Constantinople and his mother, who is granted the honor of discovering the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. We would never attempt to re-discuss from here the subtleties of the hagiographic details of this commemoration. Nubiologically, though, we should comment as a passing note the lack of any reference to either name among the list of names used by Nubians as collected by Grzegorz Ochala and presented HERE. Since we are also not aware of any mural depicting the two saints (normally depicted together flanking the Holy Cross), it becomes quite interesting that in a Christian land where the cross was so much venerated, a commemoration of its discoverer has not been recorded yet!

However, in our little Nubiological world in Rethymno, three persons celebrating their name-day on the 21st of May stand out: one is Eleni Zerva, with whom we prepared yesterday’s entry. The other is Mrs. Eleni who runs our hotel called “Archipelagos“. We will be writing about “Archipelagos” on our departure from Rethymno, as we will be saying goodbye to our “home” (t)here. Today, however, we wish to dedicate the entry to Kostis Spanoudakis and his parents who run the excellent bakery, which has already appeared twice in previous entries from Rethymno, HERE and HERE. Kostis himself has already appeared on the corner of the first photo in THIS entry!

Although everybody is attracted by the smells of the Spanoudakis’ family bakery, our son was the first who ventured to explore the locality from close!

Henriette followed him and photographed him trying to enjoy the delicacies of the bakery! But Kostis was nearby and this kept little Ilias at stead ;-)

In the end, both the wedding breads…

…and the baptismal cookies…

…all prepared by Kostis’ mother were tested and profoundly enjoyed!

But the exchanges between our venue and the bakery did not stop there…this morning Mr. Spanoudakis honored us with a visit to our exhibition!

And despite his eagerness to hear about Sudan, it was us who learnt from his visit, because we found out that since 1978, when he first opened his bakery at that spot, the hall where our exhibition is hosted had been a cattle pen, a winery, and his own storing place for the fuel needed to fire his ovens!!

With an art going back to 1958…

…M. Spanoudakis still teaches about life from his Cretan point of view!


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