17th of May

As promised last night, today’s entry will include a couple of photos from the opening of the exhibition of photographs “From Nubia to Sudan through the eyes of the Greek-Norwegian Archaeological Mission” at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in Rethymno.

More than 50 persons attended the venue, which was highlighted by an introduction from the director of the Institute professor Christos Hadziiossif and a general presentation of the exhibition by Alexandros.

Among the visitors, the Consul of Norway at Chania, Ms. Sirmatenia Paraschaki, and Assistant Ms. Nicole Karamanlis honored us with their presence.

Today, the first day of our exhibition, the interest of the passers-by and the locals remained high. Nice meetings and passionate talks were in the program, but allow us to close with a photo of Henriette with a traditional costume from Norway (bunad) in a spirit of celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day.

Gratulerer med dagen!


P.S. The highly decorated costume includes a special pattern that links Henriette’s bunad to Sai Island!

This will be the topic of tomorrow’s entry…

…but can anyone spot it out already???
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  1. Sami Elamin says:

    cool ya mohtaram

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