10th of May

Late last night – later than the delayed 9th of May entry – we found on the net, this very interesting video on Christian Nubia:

In it, appears during a guiding in the Faras Gallery of the Sudan National Museum an image of one of our favorite objects from the medieval collection there: a wooden plaque found at Attiri and depicting the figure of a knight next to his horse. He is piercing a lying figure with his lance, and he is identified by an inscription on the back side of the object as Saint Epimachus.

This inscription and its relation to the object are the topics of the third article in the series Miscellanea Epigraphica Nubica that is hosted by the journal Collectanea Christiana Orientalia of the University of Cordoba.

It is one of these funny coincidences that today is the commemoration of Saints Gordianus and Epimachus, the latter being a martyr of the 4th century that seems to have no relation to Epimachos of Pelusium with whom the Nubian Epimachos is traditionally identified…

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