Scripts and Fonts

Inspired from discussions that followed the previous entry, we wished today to examine a complementary matter, which is none other than the fonts that exist or need to be developed in order to both write, read, and exchange files of texts in all the languages used in Medieval Nubia, namely Old Nubian, Greek, and Coptic.

So, in one of the blogs that we are following, there appeared some weeks ago the announcement of a new set of typeface of the Brill publishing house, called “The Brill typeface”. The fonts of this typeface should help the process of editing texts in all languages based on the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabet:

They do not seem, however, to help with the editing process of Coptic and Old Nubian texts, as it was the case also when Athena Ruby was announced and presented in the Byzantine Congress of Sofia last August.

Therefore, the IFAO fonts remain in our opinion the best option for editing Coptic texts:

While it remains a desideratum to create and make available the appropriate fonts for editing Old Nubian texts.

Here is an online option for Nubian:

And here is a commentary on the topic:

While Giovanni informed me that most medievalists find the SophiaNubia “terribly gauche”.

I would agree, both for reasons of esthetics and because in Old Nubian the proper term for Sophia is…

…in IFAO fonts which I prefer! What do you think?

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4 Responses to Scripts and Fonts

  1. ounoginiri says:

    i ‘m thankful to you about ifao and the nubian net, they are very nice sites, not only for nubiologists, but sure for artists and calligraphers too.

  2. Grzegorz Ochała says:

    In this enumeration of various fonts, you forgot about one, but the most important, I believe, Coptic (and also Old Nubian) font, namely Antinoou ( Its imoprtance draws from the fact that it was designed for and recommended by the International Society for Coptic Studies. It is similar to Ifao Copte, but looks somewhat nicer, in my opinion.

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