Sudan Dams Appeal

It comes as a surprise to us that we are posting again today in our blog. It was not planned. But the plans of others make us come back here for announcing that “the nightmare became reality”, as a dear friend and colleague put it…

For today, the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums in Sudan launched through the International Society for Nubian Studies the appeal for salvage and study campaign in view of the construction of two dams, at Kajbar (Third Cataract) and at Shereik (Fifth Cataract)…

No pictures and no comments to be added. But for further discussions on the topic of the dams in Sudan and the appeal, the fate of the land and its people, opinions, news e.a., follow this:

The Medieval Sai Project will, however, continue bringing here the news… With the hope that eventually there will be some good ones too…

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4 Responses to Sudan Dams Appeal

  1. dear friend and colleague says:

    do we know what area will be flooded ?

    • Henrihafsakos says:

      Dear friend,
      The Kajbar Dam is planned to be 17 metres high and to flood almost 70 kilometres of the Nile Valley – that is upstream of Tombos! Figures of 10.000 to 20.000 people affected and more than 500 archaeological sites are given. More detailed information can be found here:
      If the dimensions of 39 metres height and 371 metres length for the Shereik Dam is correct, then this reservoir will flood a large region – extending to the confluence of Atbara and beyond. This would affect a large number of people and an area that has many archaeological sites – including medieval fortresses – but where very little archaeological work has been undertaken.

  2. Azhari Sadig says:

    More information about Kajbar area
    Neolithic sites

    Fifith cataract (in arabic, maps may give an idea about archaeology there)

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