last day on Sai Island

The last day on the field, however long it may last, always keeps hidden surprises and problems that need to be solved. This time, the major surprise concerned the finding of two more fragments of terracotta stelae and the greatest problem, well, it is difficult to distinguish the worst ;-)

The day started with the driver of my car from Khartoum having trouble again with starting the engine, while we were not certain whether the pontoon was going to work or not – in the end, as usual in Sudan, everything was in order, and the driver is already awaiting me on the mainland to start the long trip back to the Sudanese capital tomorrow morning.

On the island, the inspection of the threats to the so-called Cathedral site brought heated discussions about the rules and measures that need to be applied to secure that site in particular, as well as the antiquities and their landscape context in general. Only the future will show what the outcome will be…

The afternoon was dedicated to packing up my stuff and the closing of the day with a wonderful sky after sunset, which left a strong feeling that we should soon return to Sai, this time the entire GNM together!

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2 Responses to last day on Sai Island

  1. Teresa Tsakou says:

    Καλη επιστροφη…..
    και ειθε ολο το GNM , αφου το θες να επισκεφθει το SAI συσωμο γρηγορα και για περισσοτερο χρονο…

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