the return to Sai Island

The archaeological expeditions traveling to the far north of Sudan always start very early in the morning, when the day comes that the duties and activities in Khartoum are completed. Sai Island is 717 kilometers away from the Sudanese capital and our expedition started at dawn from the compound of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums.

The shortest way to reach Sai from Khartoum nowadays is to drive through Omdurman and across the Bayuda Desert, then to go parallel with the Nile river from the western bank until New Dongola. There, the new bridge has facilitated immensely the crossing of the river to the eastern bank, where one heads straight north avoiding the Third Cataract until the turn for the pontoon (ferry crossing) to the island of Sai.

The whole trip is done on asphalt road and therefore the distance between the Sudanese center and the Nubian periphery has become reachable in less than 12 hours, while in the beginnings of archaeological research in Sudan, the same trip could last up to a week!

Starting our trip today, the sleepiness and the light of dawn made shapes rather unstable…

…but soon the sun came out behind our two cars crossing the Bayuda desert…

…the weather was very windy…

…and the results of these last days of such weather were impressive at some points…

…soon the group had to stop for fatour (breakfast)…

…and after “feeding” also the car and helping a local to return to his broken vehicle some kilometer down the road…

…down the road we went…

…and the moods were high…

…since we came on the opposite bank from Sai Island…

…the return was welcoming in a familiar way…

…and we all concluded the day as early as possible, looking forward to the first morning on the field…

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10 Responses to the return to Sai Island

  1. Henrihafsakos says:

    Wish we were there with you…

  2. chirine nour says:

    thank you for the nice driving and
    as henrihafsakoilias said… we wish we were there with you too…

  3. Teresa Tsakou says:

    Καλη αρχη απαυριο…καλοξημερωμα

  4. vad says:

    Nostalgia again:)

  5. ergamenis says:

    Μακάρι να μας επιτρέψουν οι καιροί και οι θεοί, να δούμε όλοι μαζί (ξανά) το Σάι :-)

  6. Roald says:

    Fine bilder fra turen :)

  7. Roald says:

    Nice photos from the trip :)

  8. Henrihafsakos says:

    Du bør ta turen. Sai ligger 717 km fra Omdurman…

  9. chirine nour says:

    ρωτάνε τον άρρωστο αν θελει την υγειά του?

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