the return ?

Along with our wishes for a Happy New Year, we wanted to announce the return of the GNM to Sai Island, planned for the 8th of January!

However, bureaucratic inefficiency has made it quite uncertain whether the return will indeed take place on that date…

Our hopes lie with our friends at Acropole Hotel who have as gladly as always volunteered to help us solve the problems that appeared at the last moment.

Waiting for the result of this adventure, which when successfully ended, will provide so much new input to our Internet space for the Medieval Sai project, we will today present a very interesting set of links (the tip was given by Irini Gonou) that are hosted at the British Museum web page and blog, and referring to the Egypt Exploration Society excavations at the site of Amara:

Why are these of interest here?

Because Amara is along with Sedeinga the closest archaeological digs to Sai Island.

Because there are surely identified Medieval antiquities on the island of Ernetta where the EES expedition stays – antiquities that preserve the traces of a community that must have had contacts, if not religious and administrative links, with Medieval Sai.

And because we remember with joy the trip to Amara during the first season on Sai… and a reference to a trip in the beginning of the 2012 adventure of the Medieval Sai Project is perhaps the best omen for the return of GNM to Sudan…

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3 Responses to the return ?

  1. chirine nour says:

    waiting to trace your new field work on this site
    i wish you the omens to be favourable to you and to have an exciting and very interesting time on the sai island! :-)

  2. ergamenis says:

    Your wishes came as the best of omens in fact, since at the same moment your comment was sent, a mail was sent from Khartoum, confirming that I got my visa! With the most difficult of the bureaucratic procedures solved, we move ahead to the last preparations!
    Will keep you updated from here, and if all goes fine and I wake up in Khartoum on Monday, then this will become a blog with daily entries, updates, and photos bringing you closer to Nubia and Sudan through the eyes of the Greek-Norwegian Archaeological Mission ;-)

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