The Animals of Nubia Part II

The snakes, spiders, and scorpions are of course not the only animals on Sai and in Nubia.

Nor would they be the most appropriate references to celebrate the birthday of the friend whose blog was the inspiring instance for this couple of animal entries!

Nubians practice husbandry and so cattle and especially ovicaprids are ubiquitous.

So, we will present today the same sort of lexicographical study like in the last entry )

for these categories of animals, so as to nuance a bit further the concluding observations.

The not found in Old Nubian bull is ⲅⲟⲣ in both Nobiin and Dongolawi.

It seems that, in respect to these so characteristic for the Nile landscape categories of animals, the difference is larger between the Medieval and the modern terms, than between the terms in the two modern languages. However, in the single case of a similarity between past and present, Nobiin seems closer to the form of Old Nubian that has come down to us (cfr. term for lamb).

In the last entry we had observed a similarity to Dongolese, though.

Although a very rough generalization, one may say that since the Makurian state was encompassing both the Nobiin and the Danagla regions, in most part of the Medieval period, the documents that have come down to us must also picture this amalgamation. In any case, this is a path of research that the GNM is willing to follow in the coming seasons on Sai.

For the time being, let us close by saying that in the traditional communities in Sudan, goats are used for their milk and sheep for their meat, but cows and oxen are more appreciated for their strength in plowing and waterwheel turning.

Time to go back to our saqia-related entries…

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  1. vad says:

    σ’ευχαριστώ πολύ για την αναφορά,τις “κλέβω” βεβαιως:)

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