Saqias Part II

The previous entry was concluded with a slightly provocative tone.

First, it was this image of an unused saqia in a built context of no meaning for anyone who has experienced the landscape where the saqias could be found.

The specific shot was taken at the new museum of Merowe and, in our opinion, it symbolizes by its aridity the state of being for the traditional societies in the area of the Fourth Cataract, where lies Merowe, and where was built the last dam that flooded a stretch of the Nile and expatriated one more of its tribes, the Manassir.

There are no saqias any longer at the Fourth Cataract: even their last traces, as recorded by the salvage archaeological teams, are now under water…

This photo was taken during one of the many days of survey along the magnificent banks of the Nile at this almost-already-forgotten stretch. The fact that we experienced this landscape was thanks to the Sudan Archaeological Research Society expeditions there. Today it is the birthday of the director of the Anglo-German mission and this entry is dedicated to him. He must be somewhere along the Nile still…so, Pawel kulu sana inta taib!

May You always find places where to search for the balance between humans and nature, through time and for the sake of a better world for our children to live in…and here we are back to the main provocation of the previous entry: can it be that in order to achieve this, the wheel of time should turn backwards, in other words see progress giving way to pace!?!

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2 Responses to Saqias Part II

  1. chirine nour says:

    kai aisthitika poly oraia h saqia!!!

  2. ergamenis says:

    Ki erxontai ki alla polu wraia sto idio thema!!!

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