trip to the south

A new month just started and a new trip is already calling us: back to the south, at least until the Mediterranean…

Every trip brings with it the enthusiasm of packing and moving ahead, but also the memories of the people we departed from; peculiarly not only for the occasion of the present trip, but for all of those trips that once one made and got separated from someone else…

Was it then by chance that our French friend from Sai, Sandra, just a couple of days ago sent us some photos long awaited but very appropriately just now arriving to our Inbox?

The present entry will be decorated with just two of those (et bien attendu merci Sandra!):

The one of the last dinner in Khartoum with our local friends and colleagues from Sai…

And the one of the western gate to the site of the Medieval Church on Sai where we spent our Sudanese winter 2010…

May it stand strong and beautiful protecting as well as welcoming to this marvelous place!

How we’d really wish to hear some news from the island… Could Sami help with that!?!

Salaam to Sheikh ad Din too ya ustaz!

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4 Responses to trip to the south

  1. Mohamed says:

    Wallahi this is Khartoum. I stll remember all those Dudes. Habab, Sami, Husna, Alex with hair, Faterita and Hassan Hussian :-). the kid has a nice facial expression saying:Hey dudes, hoshshshshshshshshshshshshshs

  2. A. and H. says:

    Well, You are right concerning the place, and MOST of the "dudes" ;-) But the one You recognized as Hassan Hussein is actually Sheikh ad Din, the ghaffir of the site of Dibasha on Sai!!!Lakin, it was really a "nice" guess ;-)Take care dear M.F. :-)

  3. chirine says:

    now in paris with ilias we\’ll move "south" together on 10 of june.yesterday i saw the exhibition "meroe" at louvre and i was thinking of you!!!;-)

  4. A. and H. says:

    Looking forward to meeting – next weekend?And then exchange impressions on exhibitions ;-)Regards to Ilias, and Meroiticizing Louvre :-)

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