The return to Bergen tomorrow has an aura of an inversion for us : we are going northwards to work about the south…
This reminds us of the photo exhibition set up by our favorite photographer, also highly involved with archaeological photography, and dearest friend, Yannis Skoulas.

This year he presented in Athens his last work under the title “Κατηφορίζοντας Βόρεια” or “En Sydlig Tur Mot Nord” or “Going Down North”, with images from Hellas (his homeland) and Norge (hans andre hjemland) in a poetic dialogue of intertwined realities. On our way back to Bergen we are bringing the renewed hope of finding a venue for it in the other end of Yannis regional horizon…

…a horizon that is so similar to the one of the GNM, balancing a life on the line that joins Bergen, Athens, and Khartoum ; and how intriguing: Yannis and Alexandros had set up a photo exhibition called “Ancient Landscapes” in the Khartoum Greek Cultural Center “Ergamenis” in May 2005!

Five years later, it is the idea of common regions that we turn to so as to get further inspiration for our coming “performance”, on Monday the 10th of May at the University of Bergen: The island of Sai (Sudan), from local to regional []

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