In this entry we are commemorating the various periodic publications that have serviced our field of studies.

Indeed, Sudan studies and Nubiology have been privileged with the existence of various publications dedicated to the disciplines of history and archaeology of the Middle Nile Valley: “Sudan Notes and Records”, “Sudan Antiquities Service Occasional Papers” and “Kush” published in the Sudan; “The Bulletin of Nubian Studies” and the “Meroitic Newsletter” published by International Societies; “Der Antike Sudan” and “Meroitica” published in Berlin; “Archéologie du Nil Moyen” by the French Section of Sudan Archaeology; “The Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports” and the “Bibliotheca Nubica et Æthiopica” in Poland; “Sudan & Nubia” of the British Museum; “Beiträge zur Sudanforschung” from Vienna…

For an online version of some of these journals, cfr.

During the last season of archaeological activity in the Sudan three of these publications came out again bringing to the interested public news of fieldwork and recent studies: all three hosted papers concerned with the island of Sai…

1. “KUSH”, the journal of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, edited by its Director General Hassan Hussein Idris, reached its 19th volume including research and reports collected in the years 2003-2008. In pp. 139-177, the eminent linguist and new director of the French Section of Sudan Archaeology, Claude Rilly, published the known Meroitic texts from the island of Sai.

2. “SUDAN & NUBIA”, the annual journal of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society based in the British Museum, reached its 13th volume in which it hosted the reports of Florence Doyen on “The New Kingdom Town on Sai Island” (pp. 17-20) and those of Vincent Francigny and Romain David on “The Meroitic Necropolises on Sai Island” (pp. 92-99).

3. “BEITRÄGE ZUR SUDANFORSCHUNG”, edited by Michael Zach, professor at the Institut für Afrikawissenschaften of the University of Vienna, reached its 10th volume. In pp. 77-85, the GNM presented some “First Glimpses into the Medieval Period on Sai Island”.

Since we are already working on the round table concerning “Sai: from local to regional” to be hosted at the Center of Middle Eastern Studies of the University of Bergen, on our presentation of “The Medieval period on Sai after two seasons of fieldwork” for the 12th International Conference on Nubian Studies to be hosted in London between 1st and 6th of August, as well as on the publication of two papers for a volume dedicated on Sai and prepared by the University of Lille which has the concession for the whole island, we thought it fitting to start this week with this informative entry.

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  1. A. and H. says:

    Inviting through this comment to further commenting and answers, let us ask:What happened with the "Human Studies Magazine" of the University of Dongola???

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