Palm Sunday & Donkey Day

Continuing with the festive character of the previous entry, we will take advantage of the coincidence that both Catholic and Orthodox Easter are celebrated on the same date this year, and make a small reference to Palm Sunday.
This celebration is so much linked in the Christian conscience with two non-human elements, both so characteristic of life along the Nile: the palm tree and the donkey!

The palm tree which is cultivated for its tasty and energy-giving dates

Along of course other trees – like the Acacias – shrubs – like the Halfa Grass – and food plants – like the Full Masri

In shady forests of unqiue tranquility

Forming landscapes of immense beauty

And then as if the religious symbolism and function transgress boundaries of ethnicities and religions, the plant that is traditionally accredited with the honor of welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem accompanies the Muslim dead in their abode after their terrestrial life, when their memory is confined to a beautifully carved gravestone

In the shadows of these palm trees a little donkey can find rest

The animal that is granted the privilege of carrying Jesus on his entry to Jerusalem, is omnipresent in Sudan as carrier, worker, friend

And always poses in the shadow of the other gifts of the Nile, like the Acacias or the Ushars (Calotropis Procera – thanks M.F. for the tip ! )…

May we all have steady walking and patience like the donkeys; may we be fertile and gracious like the palms!

Happy Easter

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4 Responses to Palm Sunday & Donkey Day

  1. Mohamed says:

    what a pretty landscape, blue sky and kids climbing up palm trees. but don\’t you agree that Donkeys always have especial space in our life. Palm trees and frond blessed in ancient Egyptian kingdoms and accompanied the Goddess Isis specifically. Mariam was asked to have some dates some times before Jesus born (childbed). Palm fronds found in some post Merotic graves in Akad and later on in christian Nubia as part of a social memory that connecting generations ideologically in time and space. palm trees blessed by the prophet Mohamed in Islam as well and coincided the local mortuary practices. this immense rituals connecting underworld with present population and give meaning to unexplainable phenomenons. , happy Easter Dodesbest regards

  2. A. and H. says:

    Sukran ya ahui :-)During an Easter holidays\’ journey to Monemvasia, we wondered about how important donkeys had been for another aspect of the civilizations\’ development: carrying to otherwise difficult to reach places all the necessary materials for building as well as living…And one question:how does the Islamic world know about Mariam and the dates before the Nativity?Saha oua salama!

  3. chirine says:

    "May we all have steady walking and patience like the donkeys; may we be fertile and gracious like the palms"πολυ ωραία ευχή!!thank you for the nice post and hope to see you soon!Xr;onia Polla!!!! :-)

  4. A. and H. says:

    Πολύ μας αρέσει που η συγκεκριμένη ανάρτηση αποκτά διά-λογο :-)Μακάρι να συνεχιστεί αυτό…Σύντομα κι από κοντά Ειρήνη!

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