back to Khartoum

It is now two Fridays since our last entry from Sai, and we have already returned to Khartoum, at the headquarters for all foreign archaeological missions, from where we will fly back to Bergen next Wednesday.

These two weeks have been dedicated to a closing of a very fruitful season, by the last but not least of our excavations’ targets – the results from this and the other intriguing points mentioned in our last entry will be published shortly in a brief annual report,



by finishing up the pottery documentation and storing of the finds


by the completion of at least the eastern gate to the Church site



and by the final road arrangements at the ferry disembarkation point as well as the setting of the road sign welcoming locals and visitors to the island of Sai.



Then, last Friday our trip southwards started and it was thus impossible to add this information to our Internet space…



…but it was possible to collect new impressions from the many places we visited:


The progress of research at Old Dongola, the capital of Makuria, the Medieval Kingdom to which Sai belonged for most of its Christian history, and possible study links between the Polish Mission working there and the GNM on Sai



The news from the Jebel Barkal area, its museum, our friends, their praiseworthy archaeological activities



The fate of the Fourth Cataract



and the future of the Fifth…



But now we are back to urban life, even if this is the one of Khartoum, and there are friends to see, colleagues to salute, projects to be initiated or to be continued

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  1. chirine says:

    i hope to meet you soon!!!

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