Third entry from Sai

It is almost unbelievable that another week has already
passed in this second season of the Greek Norwegian Archaeological Mission to
the Island of Sai…

The pace of work both in excavations

in documentation

and in pottery

has reached full speed!

However, we will not reveal yet any of the results of our
dig, which have given new insights into the history of the site that has been
traditionally identified with the mentioned in the written sources Bishopric
see of the island of Sai; we will present all these after the completion of the
excavation on Sunday – insha Allah…

For now, just a tip through the following photo:

As for the rest of the works of our project, the two main
events of the week were:

the painting of the road signs for the site by the teacher
from Saisab, Sirri Hashim

and, last but not least, yesterday’s presentation of our
work at the school
of Morka!

We thank our friend and colleague Sandra for the photos, and
the foremost intellectual of the island, teacher of English at the school of Morka, ustaz Hussein Mohamed Maarouf,
for organizing together with our tireless inspector from N.C.A.M., Sami, this
venue, which was for us a deeply moving new experience!


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