first entry from Sai!

So, here we are!


Adding a photo to the previous entry and taking profit of
the kindness of our friend and colleague Vincent to gain access to the Internet
and share some news…

The target of the season being the initiation of the
archaeological investigations at the site suggested as the Cathedral of
Medieval Sai, we already started work on two fronts in and around the site that
we coded as 8-B-500 following the Sudan Map System proposed by the late F.

The Cathedral site had the unlucky chance to stand in
between the village
of Morka on the western
banks of the island and the ferry crossing to the eastern bank.

Any archaeological fieldwork had to tackle this matter. So,
we decided to proceed in the following steps:

– Fix a sandy part of a road offering an alternative shortcut
for the inhabitants of Morka to the area of the ferry,

– Set up signs giving on the spot directions for the various
localities stressing on the impassable to vehicles character of 8-B-500 (this job will start tomorrow) and block
the access to the site with two Nubian style gates west and east of the main

We are really looking forward to filming the painting in
traditional fashion of the two gates and enjoying some sort of celebration
Inside the protected area now, we started normally with the
topographical surveying of the site and its main features. For managing to work with the total station after just a
couple of hours of crash courses in Khartoum we would like to thank our friend
and colleague François who found time just before his departure from Sudan to
initiate us to this technology. We’ve promised him a most friendly treat of his
beloved kokoretsi, when he visits us in Greece later this summer – insha
Allah ;-)

Moving for hours among the ruins of the Cathedral site
helped us make new observations and pushed us to formulate various interesting
questions of smaller or larger research. But this is material for a future

Until next Friday then, remember the rights of the locals to have a say
in the future of their environment…

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One Response to first entry from Sai!

  1. chirine says:

    i feel so lucky looking at these photos and to share with you your Sai adventure !!!! kali dynami se olous!

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