Fem dager i Bergen

Last week, Bergen was celebrating the opening of a new building dedicated to research linked with development.

Next to the mosque of the town, and in front of the building of Law School, three research centres are now hosted: the Christian Michelsen Institute, Unifob Global, and the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. They now all together constitute The Bergen Resource Centre for International Development.

To commemorate the event and promote the new centre’s academic profile, a series of lectures and presentations were organized under the title: Fem dager i Bergen – én verden i utvikling (Five days in Bergen – a world in development).

Among these, the project on Medieval Sai was honoured with being the first presentation dedicated to Sudan in a series of events linked with the country, its people, and its heritage.

Special reference should be made to the launching of the website for the most valuable library of Mahmoud Salih, hosted by Bergen University.
Henriette and Alexandros are the editors of the Festschrift for Mahmoud’s 70th birthday that was presented to this patron of Sudan Studies in Bergen and elsewhere.

Check also: https://www.uib.no/ahkr/nyheter/2009/11/connecting-south-and-north

The photo was taken by Howaida Abdelrahman

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  1. ergamenis says:

    Years later, the digital version of Mahmoud Salih’s library is praised here:

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