The mountains seen from Sai

Sai has a small mountain a little bit to the northeast of the middle of the island. It is called Jebel Adu and rises to 274 metres above sea level. Jebel (خبل) is Arabic for mountain. Despite the modest height, the view from the top of Jebel Adu is magnificent. During the survey of 2009, Jebel Adu was the only mountain that the Greek-Norwegian mission to Sai climbed to the top.

The sandstone outcrop of Jebel Adu blocks the flow of the Nile and traps silt and gravel that in the course of millions of years have slowly built the alluvial plains of the island of Sai. The large Bronze Age tumuli on the plain south of Jebel Adu, humbly recreate its shape.

On the east bank of the mainland opposite Sai, a row of mountains can be seen. The northernmost is also the largest: Jebel Abri with a height of 536 metres.

In the distance to the east is the characteristic pointed peak of Jebel Zibr el-Kelb that is 454 metres high. The sunrise appears at the foot of this mountain every morning.

Behind Jebel Zibr el-Kelb is the rounded top of Jebel Amajawi with a height of 488 metres.

The southernmost mountain to be seen from Sai is the 487 metres high Jebel Abud – in form the twin of Jebel Abri. In the afternoon light, the ravines made by rain on the steep sides of Jebel Abud are beautifully emphasized by shadows.

Although the Nile is the main landmark in this dry region, the scarce but impressive mountains of the area have also attracted the attention of the local people, and ours too!

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